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RARS Pilicode - “Biodiversity of coconut plantations through intercropping” - World Coconut Day



Among the various problems facing the food and agriculture sector are the scarcity of agricultural land, climate change and monoculture. It is for these reasons that farmers are losing their unique biodiversity on their farms. As a solution to this, the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pilicode is planning to create a model for biodiversity in coconut plantations through the project 'Biodiversity Conservation through Farm Diversification'.

Biodiversity in orchards improves the balance of the environment, soil and crop health, and thus human health. At the same time, a sustainable livelihood is provided by crop diversity. Considered these facts, the World Coconut Day 2020 is being celebrated at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pilicode with the message of Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food by planting various intercrops in the coconut groves for crop diversification.

Different intercrops including fruit trees, spice plants, medicinal plants and flowers are proposed to be planted in the coconut orchard as intercrops and alley crops. Among these, Guava, Sapota, Rambutan, Noni, Kudam Puli, Kokkam, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ylang Ylang and Parijat are being newly introduced to the Station. Teak saplings have already been planted at the borders for bio-fencing.

World Coconut Day has been celebrated on September 2 every year since 2009 to commemorate the founding day of the Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC). The main objectives of Celebrating Coconut Day are to highlight the use and importance of coconut and coconut products. This opportunity is used to formulate action plans and interpret policies in this area.

This time the APCC aims to promote investment in the coconut industries and their development in the member countries. This day is celebrated to make people aware that coconut and coconut related areas have an important role to play in poverty alleviation.

The program was inaugurated online by Hon’ble MP of Kasarado, Sri. Rajmohan Unnithan. Welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Madhu Subramaniam, Director of Research. The program was presided over by Hon’ble Thrikaripur MLA, Sri. M. Rajagopalan. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. R. Chandrababu presented the keynote address and Dr. Anitha Karun, Director, CPCRI, Kasaragod delivered special address. Sri. T.V. Sreedharan Master, President, Pilicode Gramapanchayath, Dr. H. P. Maheshwarappa, Project Co-ordinator, AICRP Palms, Dr. P. R. Suresh, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Dr. R. Sujatha, Associate Director, Coconut Mission gave felicitation to the program. Vote of thanks were given by Dr. Vanaja T, Associate Director, RARS Pilicode. After the online inauguration, the staff started planting various crops in the coconut plantations.

Inauguration by Hon'ble MP of Kasaragod, Sri. Rajamohan Unnithan
Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pilicode


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